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Stock Dies

Stock dies are coin dies that the mint has available to be used for impressing either side of a given coin. Using such a die can save considerable money in the minting of a custom coin.

Here’s why: Two dies are required to mint any coin, one for the obverse and one for the reverse. Newly creating each of these from an original artwork incurs some significant costs, depending on the detail of the art and whether a plaster sculpt is created. Following the sculpt, the die must be machined, polished and then heat treated.

Public safety icon of knight slaying a dragonAll of this process is eliminated from the use of stock dies because such dies are already in the inventory of dies at Northwest Territorial Mint. Many popular anniversary ages are covered, among them 10 year, 20 year, 50 year, 100 year, 150 year, 200 year, and many others. For a look at many stock die subjects, please visit our gallery, where you will find many stock die subjects. Look at the last item in the caption to determine whether the coin was struck from a stock versus custom die.

Using a stock die for one side of a coin, but a custom die for the other is a way to get a custom-looking result with your department name and insignia, but with costs associated with only one die. Another option for very small departments is to use a stock die for both sides and engrave departmental or individual name or message into one side of the coin. A number of stock dies were designed with specifically that option in mind, which produces a handsome result at an affordable cost for small coin quantities.

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