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Metals & Finishes

Various metals and alloys are used in minting coins and medallions, offering a wide variety of color, texture, luster and hardness. The raw material cost of metals varies significantly, and certain precious metals are struck as bullion of rated purity and traded for investment purposes. After the content metal is chosen, the end result will still vary depending on how the coin is finished, for example, whether it is antiqued, plated in whole or selectively, or is enameled in one or more colors.

Each metal below links to a page providing a more full description of its characteristics along with sample images of the coins from that metal.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, is used in several forms and is a popular choice.

Copper is a reddish base metal, often alloyed with other metals, but usable on its own as a coin metal.

Cuper nickel is a durable alloy of copper and nickel that is silver toned though not as white as pure silver.

Silver is a precious metal that has been used in coins from antiquity, though it is no longer used in minting coins for circulating currency.

Gold, like silver, is a precious metal used from the beginning of coinage, but is more rare and much more costly.

Other metals are also available for use, such as palladium and platinum of the platinum group of metals.


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