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Cuper Nickel

Another popular alloy used in the minting of custom coins is a nickel colored alloy of copper and nickel. Called cuper nickel as used by Northwest Territorial Mint for coins, it is a hard wearing alloy of 75% copper, 15% nickel and 5% zinc as the three primary metals. It can be struck into a proof-like coin with a mirror finish.

Cuper nickel can also have an antique finish applied for an elegant aged look. This process can add more contrast to intricate coin designs, with raised portions of the coin having a lighter tone and somewhat higher luster.

Cuper nickel can provide a striking surface for an enameled finish, with some reds and blues contrasting well with the nickel color of the base metal.

Cuper nickel can also be selectively plated with gold for a large variety of appearances, allowing the gold color to contrast nicely with the chrome of the base metal.

Cuper nickel is much harder than most other popular coinage metals. Because of its wear characteristics it has also been used in general circulation coins and is in the present day British 20p coin and some coins of Russia.

Cuper nickel is somewhat more expensive than brass.

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